SACHS is a German automobile brand, which has been engaged in the production of shock-absorbing and clutch parts since 1895. The Company has 39 production facilities in 17 countries throughout the world: 8 major enterprises are located in Germany, all the rest ones are situated in the European countries, as well as in the USA, Mexico, etc.

The “SACHS” spare parts are supplied to Russia from the central warehouse, which is situated in Germany. This brand is a part of the “ZF” concern. This fact can speak about the quality of the produced spare parts.

The “SACHS” products are supplied to the conveyors of the largest automobile manufacturers, as well as to the secondary market. Moreover, “SACHS” is one of the largest development producers of clutches and shock absorbers for the racing autos of "Formula 1", used in “Ferrari”, “Sauber” and “Toyota teams; “LeMans” racing, factory rally team “Ford WRC”.

Specialization of the Manufacturer:

•shock absorbers for passenger cars and trucks
•clutch parts, as well as electronic clutch control systems, hydraulic transmission
•fan coupling
•rubber-metal products

“Li-Art Auto” offers its services and expands the range of shock absorbers, supplied from the manufacturer.

More than 50 auto manufacturers give their preference to the “SACHS” shock-absorbing devices. Among the mentioned manufacturers the following ones can be mentioned:

Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Opel, BMW, Jaguar, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Scania, MAN.

We offer “SACHS” shock absorbers of the following series:

- SUPER TOURING- reliable and wear-resistant equipment of this series is suitable for driving in any road conditions, namely in the city and outside it 9in the country). These shock absorbers are easy to install and are very reliable and long-lasting.

- ADVANTAGE – these are the shock-absorbers with enhanced comfort, which allow to key to any road surface at high speed. As these are devices of a new generation, they track changes in the road conditions themselves and regulate its own settings on the basis of this information.