АТЕ is one of the most famous German companies in the field of braking system production; it was founded in 1906. Nowadays the Company is represented in the market of motor-car construction by the following products: brake booster, master brake cylinder, compensatory tank, supports, original brake-shoe lining, brake plates, brake drums, wheel cylinders, drum brake assemblies, original mastic, drum brake assemblies for parking brake system, drive cables for parking brake system, braking force arms, brake hoses, clutch hoses, cylindrical sensors, clutch control drive cables and braking fluid with boiling point 280 degrees.

Many world manufacturers install the ATE products. Among them are such giants, as BMW, MERCEDES, VAG (AUDI/VW/SKODA/SEAT).

As one of the leading developers and suppliers of OE brake systems, Continental is the long-term partner of choice for dealerships and workshops in the independent automotive components market thanks to its ATE brand. ATE stands for quality and outstanding expertise in the brake sector, qualities which characterize every element of its exceptionally extensive portfolio. In the field of brake pads, ATE possesses a range of different compounds tailored to meet the needs of varying vehicle models. The company's knowledge of the OEM sector gives ATE a decisive advantage in the aftermarket and permits the rapid development of compounds for new models. In the case of brake discs, ATE again focuses on providing the quality and reliability the future demands. That is why ATE already meets many of the requirements of the European ECE R90 standard for brake discs which is not due to take effect for passenger cars until November 2016.

With ATE Ceramic, workshops can offer their customers genuine added value when performing brake repairs and thus stand out from the competition. The high-tech brake pads produce practically no dust when operated. This means that wheel rims remain clean and attractive for longer. ATE Classic is a range of products put together to permit professional and true-to-original brake repairs on classic cars. And ATE's PowerDisc brake disc range provides products for the high-performance segment.

In addition, ATE also supplies a range of brake-specific test devices and tools. These permit a reliable, professional approach to all aspects of brake repair and maintenance. The range extends from top-quality special tools for everyday use through brake maintenance devices and on to complex testers for service and diagnostic work.