The brand name of PARTS-MALL as known as PMC is main representative one among all private brands. Its range mainly covers most of fast-moving spare parts and the coverage of other private brands will be integrated into PARTS-MALL brand to concentrate marketing power.
PARTS-MALL brand is corresponding to almost all kinds of Korean applications and being expanded to cover up to Japanese and European applications.All the products under the brand name of PARTS-MALL are ISO 9001 / ISO 9002 / TS 16949 certified and  warrantied by Parts-mall Corp. For more than 10 years, Parts-mall Corp. has been a provider of spare parts for Korean applications such as HYUNDAI, KIA, GM DAEWOO and SSANGYONG.
We have been trying to be a specialist for all kinds of spare parts, not focusing on a specific part categories.These products have been supplied with various brands of each quality grade from genuine, OEM toaftermarket ones according to every customers' needs.
The service which we are providing is always used to solve customer's needs of searching reliable supplier on spare parts. Headquartered in Goyang city, Korea, Parts-mall employs approximately 150 people worldwide with 3 oversea branches in South Africa, Malaysia and China. With research and development, customer service, quality management, Parts-mall Corp. supports around the globe as they can take the business to the next level. The organization of Parts-mall Corp. serves its customers with products and services that meet theneeds of all kinds of spare parts.(Korean, European and Japanese auto spare parts) As the leader in Korean spare parts(Hyundai parts, Kia parts) business, Parts-mall Corp. provides primarily our customers with involvement in wide range and reliable quality.