The NTN-SNR Group was formed by merging the Japanese Corporation (NTN) and the French manufacturer of bearings (SNR Roulements). Nowadays, it is a part of the largest international holding, which ranks third for production of bearings. NTN-SNR is one of the leaders in the European bearing market.

Presence of NTN-SNR in branch markets and success of Company's products.

NTN-SNR, a part of the NTN Corporation, occupies the leading positions in the field of developing and manufacturing various kinds of bearings, transmission units and linear guidance systems. It is also considered to be a provider of the related services and training programs. The NTN-SNR products are supplied to the automotive, aerospace and other industries, located in the territory of Europe and beyond it.

The staff of NTN-SNR amounts to 4,800 employees. The production facilities (11 factories in total) are located in Europe and Brazil. The Company's center of scientific researches and experimental development is located in Annecy (France). There are also 23 trade representative offices of the Company, which are scattered all over the world. All this ensures successful presence and acknowledgement of the Company on the international arena.

Occupying a leading position in the market of the European cars, NTN-SNR never stops and becomes an official supplier and a partner of the automotive manufacturers of the Asian brands. NTN-SNR produces spare parts, which are to be supplied to conveyor of the automotive manufacturers, as well as to the Aftermarket. Besides, NTN-SNR is a partner of numerous projects, related to the development of electric cars and innovation.

The Company's goal is to support the development of its customers on the new international markets. For this purpose, NTN-SNR is expanding its presence in Latin America (where the NTN-SNR plant has been opened and is already operating), as well as in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East, particularly in Iran. In order to succeed in this direction, NTN-SNR has founded 23 trade representative offices in these areas. All of them reach the business goals of the Company, considering the national and cultural particularities of the countries, in which they are located. Moreover, NTN-SNR is gradually mastering the dynamically developing branch markets, such as transport, agricultural and textile industries, as well as building.