The “Lemförder” trade mark is a guarantee of quality and reliability. “LEMFÖRDER” is a main official supplier of suspension and steering parts for almost all European car manufacturers, including Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Ford, Volvo, as well as for some Japanese and Korean models.

The German Company “LEMFÖRDER” was established in 1947, may 20, as a limited liability company " LEMFÖRDER METALLWAREN". The name of the Company - LEMFÖRDER - comes from the name of the village “LEMFÖRDER”, which is situated in the North of Germany. Establishment of the Company was connected with the acquisition of the rights to manufacturing ball bearings for automotive vehicles. “LEMFÖRDER” began to supply the highest category components of suspension to the German automotive industry in 1948. In 1984 “LEMFÖRDER” became a part of one of the largest German manufacturers of automobile components, namely “ZF Friedrichshafen AG”.

Since 2000 the Company’s name is “ZF LEMFÖRDER AG”.

The product range of ZF LEMFÖRDER comprises the following products: ball joints, control arms, torque rods, stabilizers, steering rods and tie rod ends, support of engine and gear box, suspension silent blocks, airbag housings, etc.

The motto of “LEMFÖRDER” is "Reliability in the technique of the chassis and steering control". It speaks for itself, because the details of suspension and steering are of the highest category of responsibility, on which lives not only a driver, but also people sitting next to him in the car depend.